Bumble bee goby

Bumble bee goby
Temp: 23c - 30c
pH: 7 - 8.5
Size: to 5cm
Life expectancy: 3 years
Temperament: Can be territorial but not overly aggressive. May nip at other species fins.
Diet: Carnivorous

From the coastal waters and estuaries of South East Asia. A brackish water species, this fish prefers a little salt in its water (1 tsp/10l). Best to be kept with other brackish water species. Occupies the lower levels of the water column and needs a lot of hiding places and does well in aquariums with caves, driftwood, plants, and rocks. Not ideal for small aquariums, prefers larger aquariums especially when kept in schools. Prefers live foods like blackworms, brine shrimp, etc. Their poor eyesight means they like to see their food move before pouncing on it. They don't compete much for food, so any other fish will fill themselves before the bees have a chance to eat. A beautiful little fish with loads of personality, especially when in schools.

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