Castlereagh horse fattener 20k

Castlereagh horse fattener 20k
Castlereagh's Horse Fattener is a barley based pellet with a great nutritional combination for potentially tizzy ponies in light to medium work. Horse Fattener is a magnesium enriched pellet, ideal for keeping your horse or pony calm as some horses can get HOT at the thought of food.
Although education is essential in teaching good behaviour to your horse, a feeding regime of balanced nutrition and enough cool energy is an essential first step to ensure a calm horse or pony, Horse Fattener is the ideal pellet.
This steamed conditioned barley pellet is a healthy choice for all horses & ponies. Horse Fattener is easily digested helping your horse to get the most out of every feed. Be sure to provide a balanced diet by also feeding quality roughage (hay, chaff, pasture). With seniors please seek regular veterinary check-ups, in normal circumstances no additional supplements are required.

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