Laucke Equus total

Laucke Equus total
Equus Total is a nutritious and palatable all-round horse food that has been formulated to be used in a wide range of feeding applications. It is ideal for horses performing strenuous work, pregnant and lactating mares, young growing horses and as a maintenance food for idle horses.
Equus Total is a blend of grains, lucerne chaff, cereal chaff and pelleted ingredients coated in sweet molasses and vegetable oil.

EASY DIGESTIBILITY Naturally the best!
Equus Total has been scientifically formulated to ensure safe and efficient digestion in the small intestine.
Digestibility in the small intestine is very important to prevent digestive problems such as caecal acidosis which can lead to poor fibre digestion, diarrhoea, colic and laminitis.
We have attained safe digestion of Equus Total by the addition of lucerne chaff, cereal chaff, cold press oil and by specially selecting other ingredients that are naturally safe to digest.
Equus Total has been manufactured using these criteria to ensure the very best in nutritional digestibility, coolness and safety without the necessity to excessively heat process the food.
While high temperature processing such as extrusion has some advantages there are also disadvantages such as high cost and detrimental heat damage to sensitive nutrients such as lysine, enzymes and vitamins.
Equus Total is a highly nutritious diet that is not over processed giving you the best performance and value for money.
The way nature intended!

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