Laucke Gold NB 20kg

Laucke Gold NB 20kg
EQUUS GOLD NB with Amylase is a concentrated source of essential nutrients designed to balance grains and roughage for protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to ensure that nutritional imbalances do not occur.

Gold NB is a versatile supplement specifically formulated for:
• Racing and horses performing other strenuous work
• Lactating mares and young growing horses

When fed at lower levels Gold NB is ideal for:
• Leisure horses doing light work
• As a supplement to poor pasture for spelling.

AMYLASE - LEADING THE WAY Naturally, Effectively & Safely!
Gold NB contains added Amylase to aid starch digestion in the small intestine naturally, effectively and safely without the need for expensive heat processing.
The addition of Amylase to Gold NB is one of the most advanced improvements in performance horse nutrition to occur in many years.
Amylase is a natural protein enzyme that is responsible for efficient starch digestion in the small intestine.
Horses do not produce adequate Amylase necessary for the digestion of large amounts of starch, this is why they have more problems digesting starch compared to other grain eating animals.
Lack of Amylase can result in incomplete starch digestion in the small intestine resulting in excessive undigested starch reaching the large intestine where it is fermented producing lactic acid. Excessive lactic acid can cause serious problems such as caecal acidosis which can lead to colic, laminitis, diarrhoea and poor fibre digestion.

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