Pet One treat dog munchy press

Pet One treat dog munchy press

Dog Treat Munchy Pressed Bones 15cm Natural Brown Green 3pk

Rawhide has long been a popular treat for dogs, and with good reason. Rawhide is beneficial for your dog’s teeth, and helps satisfy their natural instinct to chew. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation, and may help in relieving anxiety.

Pet One’s Rawhide Range has a wide selection of Rawhide treats which includes Rawhides, Naturals or Munchies. You’ll be sure to find something in the range which your dog will enjoy whilst keeping them happy and healthy.


  • Pet One Rawhide Range can help to improve the dental health of your dog by aiding in the removal of tarter and left over food, leaving your dog with cleaner teeth.
  • Chewing satisfies your dog’s natural instinct to chew and reduces stress. Chewing provides them with an outlet for stress relief or a form of entertainment.
  • Rawhide is great for puppies, and is an ideal substitute for your shoes and furniture!
  • Strict quality control processes are in place to ensure the quality and freshness of each product, whilst adhering to strict Australian import standards.

Suitable for: Dogs 

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