Poultry gravity feeder

Poultry gravity feeder

The Pet One Poultry Feeding and Drinking range is designed for groups of Poultry to eat and drink together without wasting food and water.
The Poultry Feeding and Drinking range is available in various sizes to suit your pet’s needs.

Feeding Troughs

Easy to take apart and clean
Ideal for indoor and outdoor purposes
UV treated plastic
Suitable for: Poultry

Other sizes available:

55705-  Poultry Gravity Feeder 2kg 20cm Dia X 18.5cm H
55706 - Poultry Gravity Feeder 4kg - 28cm Dia X 26cm H
55707 - Poultry Gravity Feeder 5.5kg - 30.5cm Dia X 28.5cm H
55708 - Poultry Gravity Feeder 8kg - 36.5cm Dia X 33.5cm H