Red hen scratch grain mix 20kg

Red hen scratch grain mix 20kg
Red Hen Free Range Scratch Grain Mix is a mixture of natural grains fortified with calcium and methionine. Calcium is important for bone development and egg shell formation while methionine is an essential amino acid required for growth, egg size and rate of lay.

Red Hen Scratch is intended to be fed to free range poultry that have access to fresh pasture and are able to scratch for natural worms and bugs. Under these conditions Red Hen Scratch will form the base diet with vitamins and extra protein being obtained from the hen’s natural foraging activities. The hen’s diet can also be supplemented with fresh household food scraps.

If the free range conditions are not ideal it may be necessary to feed a complete layer food such as “Red Hen Free Range Layer”, “Red Hen Layer”, “Showbird Breeder MP”, “Hi-Lay Mash”, “Xtra Egg” or “Home-Lay”. These diets are complete and require no other supplementary feeding.

Red Hen Scratch is a medication free diet.