Viral FX 50g

Viral FX 50g

There is no difference between Virkon® S and ViralFX™
The formulation and its ingredients are 99.9% same.

  • Powerful - proven effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease-causing organisms.
  • Fast-acting - a one percent solution of ViraFX™ is proven to kill bacteria with contact times as low as five minutes to ten minutes or less.
  • Versatile - surface, equipment, vehicle & foot-dip.
  • Effective on porous surfaces, at low temperatures (-5°C to 45°C) and in the presence of organic challenge.
  • Readily soluble in tap water or hard water, ViralFX™ dissolves into a pink solution.
  • Environmentally acceptable product with an exceptional safety profile towards man and animals when used and disposed of as instructed on the label.
  • Transport and storage - being a powdered disinfectant formulation ViralFX™ can be swiftly transported by air and can be stored for long periods making it the ideal choice for stockpiling in bulk.