Turtle sludge remover #46224 Reptile One

Turtle sludge remover #46224 Reptile One

Turtle Sludge Remover contains a variety of beneficial bacteria with enzymatic action to digest ‘sludge’ and other waste products. It contains a high concentration of live micro-organisms in a dormant state ready to re-activate when exposed to proteins and nutrients found in pond or aquarium sludge, organic material and solid waste. Reptile One Sludge Remover produces enzymes that convert pollutants into useful products that help sustain a healthy, balanced pond or aquarium. Reptile One Turtle Sludge Remover does not remove inorganic material such as sand, gravel, silt or clay. Sludge Remover is safe for use with turtles and plants.

Specifications: 150ml

Suitable For: Use in ponds and aquariums with poor water clarity, bad odours or other signs of nutrient imbalance.

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